Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dingman Falls - Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area

In the middle of big news as I post this, a 5.8 magnitude earthquake has struck the East Coast, putting an abrupt halt to everyone's daily activities including my own. Nevertheless, I am back from a weekend road trip and must continue with my post. For those who do not live within this area and want to know more, you can read news about this earthquake. As I write, my hearts and prayers continue to go to the casualties of the recent earthquakes that are far worse; especially in Japan.

The Delaware Water Gap, is one of my favorite places to visit. A water gap is an opening which flowing water carves through a mountain range. In this gap, the Delaware River begins its journey from New York State, and flows through the Appalachian Mountains dividing New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The river then continues south into the Delaware Bay. As one of the units of National Park Service, it is a quintessential representative of the beautiful majestic scenery that the United States East Coast has to offer. Since the drive was long and I was not prepared to camp, my main objective of this trip was to capture one of the waterfalls. My favorite is Dingman Falls with a drop of nearly 40 meters or about 130 feet. I will surely be back there in the Autumn season, when the foliage is at its greatest in the area. As an enthusiastic outdoors person, I should be camping, though I have not done so in a while.

I photographed this falls before on a previous trip, however, it was during a dry time with no rain. As a result water flow was limited. You can tell from these photographs below. Notice the major difference. I also had much more cloud cover on the new visit, effecting the color tones. With a water level low like this, the falls reminds me of one of those miniature fountains often purchased as stress relievers. Think of this one as one of those water animated stress relievers at a much larger scale.

Here is a video clip I took while I was there photographing. 

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Perhaps one of the world's best know flowers, the orchid brought beauty and awe to people around the world. While I had the season and leisure on my side, I have made a collection of orchid photos from various encounters at gardens.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Death By Dragonfly

Most of us see dragonflies as graceful little creatures flying about. We often forget about their carnivorous behavior. I know that dragonflies are often difficult to photograph unless they are preoccupied. In this case, it was a meal. This fellow did not mind me coming in close to photograph what he was doing.

The dragonfly's predatory behavior is quite beneficial to us humans. Among the many prey items on the menu include bitting insects such as mosquitoes and black flies, only to name a few.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Zoo Portraits

I had my telephoto lens only and this Black Bear was really close. Nevertheless, I photographed only his face to catch whatever expression he was willing to show. It appears he does not like it in the zoo and that it is more like a prison. 

Rough skin, yet this American Alligator continues to smile. 

Forget the rooster and the alarm clock. This peacock will wake you up really good. From the looks on his face, he means business.