Friday, October 28, 2011

A tale of two (haunted) bridges

It's Halloween and I thought I might dedicate a blog on two local haunts that I have encountered in the past. What they have in common is that they are both bridges. I visited both several times without seeing anything paranormal, but each one has a story to tell about their ghostly legends.

Van Sandt Bridge: New Hope/Solebury Township, PA

Built in 1875, this covered bridge sits in a rural area in Bucks County, PA. This area is almost as haunted as much as it is historic. New Hope, PA is home to many local legends which does not surprise many. This bridge, is among them.

There are two legends that account for this bridge's reputation for ghost stories. The first story is that this bridge was used to hang horse thieves. You supposedly can hear ropes dangling when in fact there are no ropes. The second story is that a teenage mother committed suicide on this bridge along with her baby. You supposedly can hear a baby crying if you visit this bridge at a certain time. This bridge thus has a nickname "Crybaby Bridge".

The roads leading to this bridge are narrow and curvy. It is certainly hazardous driving through this bridge at night; especially if you are not familiar with the roads. One sharp turn will bring you to a head on collision with a rock embankment if you are not careful. Deer and foxes frequent the area and can suddenly appear; calling for an accident to happen. So whether visiting this bridge is a haunting experience or not, just trying to get to and out of there can scare you.

Forlklanding Road Bridge: Cinnaminson, NJ

This is a small one lane bridge that serves both ways over a creek that flows into the Delaware River. Unlike the aforementioned bridge, this one is not as well known, but with numerous issues of Weird NJ in circulation, this location may one day earn a spot.

Rumor has it that some twenty years ago on a cold winter night, one car got caught up into the creek just off the bridge with two occupants perishing. If you were to cross the bridge at midnight, a phantom car will follow you until you reach the end of the bridge.

Driving through this bridge is already a risk. Since it has only one lane, cars must yield to each other in order to cross. In days of heavy rain, the creek can easily flood and surround the bridge with water, making the road and bridge impossible for most cars. Immediately North of the bridge has two tricky sharp turns that one must navigate driving slow and with caution. The creepier part however is that the very next intersection with Rt 73 just a few hundred yards from the bridge is a known traffic death trap. Numerous car accidents have occurred there; I even witnessed one myself.

Though I have never seen anything paranormal in my life before, I know people who have. I do not want to say that these bridges are indeed haunted. These locations may or may not be haunted. The story behind them may perhaps be local legends that have spread through rumor. If you wish to investigate, do so with caution and do so professionally. I believe that many places that are supposedly haunted like these could simply perhaps be old structures that have had mishaps in the past, but due to their poor or dangerous conditions, have earned a reputation of being "haunted".

Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Virgin Islands

In the midst of my busy schedule, I managed to squeeze in time for one short vacation. I was away to the Virgin Islands to attend a relative's wedding, as well as to help preserve the moment.

More photos? After all, I was on vacation......

While you are enjoying good weather, you can see the bad weather coming from afar.......

My biggest regret was neglecting the circular polarizing filter. But nevertheless, I photographed the scenery exactly the way it was.

There are so many of these creatures, that I found at least two of them in my hotel room. They might as well be called pests.

These are fewer in number compared with lizards. Nevertheless, they would be seen at least once a day. Back in the mainland US, you may mistaken one as an escaped pet.

Where I live, the most numerous "large" bird you see are vultures. Here, it's the pelican.

Only one humming bird showed up for a few seconds during my entire stay. I caught him as quick as I could.