Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Delaware Water Gap - Rickett's Glen Trip

I have made a trip to two places. First the Delaware Water Gap to complete something I always wanted to do; climb one of the two mountain peeks. I selected Mount Tammany, the taller of the two with a height of 1,526 feet or 465 meters. Including the rests in between, it was a 1 hour long hike, but well worth it. I will likely take the time to climb 1,461 feet (181 meters) high Mount Minsi located just across the river on another date. It is supposedly better in the fall season.

Stopping by the streams is always a fascination for me. Swimming is discouraged by park officials, but done so constantly by park visitors and understandably so during hot weather. The most I do is step into them with waterproof hiking boots in order to get better shots, or cross one. 

Since I like wildlife, I had to opportunity to see a Green Frog and a Northern Leopard Frog. 

Northern Leopard Frogs are distinguishable from the similar and often found in the same are Southern Leopard Frogs. Years ago, I found this Southern Leopard Frog in the New Jersey Pine Barrens. Their croaks are different, but so are their appearances. The Southern Leopard Frog usually has a more vibrant green color. The most notably however is the gold "dot" on the ears of the Southern Leopard Frog. Northern Leopard Frogs lack these dots. 

Also this Black Rat Snake crawled along the side of the trail. 

On top, you get an excellent view of the water gap, and Mount Minsi; a great reward for those who make it. Clouds unfortunately picked up. 

Driving along Route 80, I made the attempt to stop by Rickett's Glen State Park and it was well worth it. This park was on my list for two years! But now, I had the opportunity to visit it, and witness the beauty of nature. This is why I love Pennsylvania so much. Not only is it my birthplace, but it gives me plenty of natural surroundings. The park's best scenery are its iconic waterfalls. 

And of coarse, I had to catch note of Damselflies that flew nearby.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Happy July 4th!

Finally got back from the Jersey Shore (How New Jerseyites call the beach) celebrating Independence Day. Here is my best shot of the fireworks display there. Happy birthday to the United States of America! My home sweet home!