Sunday, November 30, 2014

Operation Eagle II

I call this Operation Eagle II because it is the second time I dedicated myself to photographing Bald Eagles exclusively. The first was back in January of 2011 and I would call it a moderate success. Most of the eagles were far away, and there was too much cloud cover. I promised myself to try again someday.

On November of this year, I kept my promised and returned to once again capture the grace and beauty of America's national bird. Waiting for hours in the cold was certainly worth it for me. These are the results of the trip.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Summer Sunset Nostalgia

It has been a quiet lately only because I am now busy working full time. But I still keep my photography up whenever I can. I have now found time to post some of my photography that I have done in 2014, first with my favorite shot of the summer, and the Jersey shore. Here is a sunset taken at Long Beach Island in New Jersey.

Life is short and precious, I am blessed with photography to capture the beauty of life for the benefit of myself and others. This includes enjoying the visual benefit that each season provides.